Serbian Embassy Tokyo

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Contract between Japanese company "Nagai Hoshi" and Serbian Company "Agrostemin D.O.O." signed on May 13, 2009

Japanese company "Nagai Hoshi" and Serbian company "Agrostemin D.O.O." signed contract on representing this Serbian company and its product, Agrostemin, in the Japanese market.

Agrostemin is natural biostimulator, widely used in the agricultural production. It is created on the base of corn cockle (Agrostemma githago), dust and other plants (cultivated, as well as weeds), and invented by Serbian scientist Dr Danica Gajic. Agrostemin significantly increases the quantity and quality of yield and optimizes the cost of agricultural production.

Signing of contract between "Nagai Hoshi" and "Agrostemin D.O.O." is expected to enable export of this famous Serbian product not only to the Japanese market, but to other countries' markets as well.