Serbian Embassy Tokyo

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Simposium on the Promotion of Japanese Studies in Central and European Countries held in Tokyo, March 3

MOFA of Japan hosted a "Simposium on the Promotion of Japanese Studies" in Tokyo aiming for further development of studies of Japanese language, culture and history in Central and South East European countries. Participants from the universities of Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia were invited to present their views and experiences in this area and strengthen the networking not only with Japanese counterparts but also among their respective institutions in the region.

Serbian speaker, Mr. Dalibor Kličković, Lecturer from Japanese language and literature Section at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade, elaborated on the history and present situation of Japanese studies in this oldest university level study in Serbia, its current challenges, projects and achieved improvements.

The symposium was also attended by representatives of Japanese institutions (MOFA, Japan Foundation), universities (Tokyo University, Hokkaido University etc.) and respective Embassies of foreign attendants.

Presenters from all the invited academic institutions based
in Central and East European countries at the Symposium