Serbian Embassy Tokyo

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"Kolo" members visit the Embassy, March 9

While on their Japan tour, the members of National Ensemble "Kolo", headed by Director Radojica Kuzmanović, and together with their organizers from "Folklore Report", payed a visit to our Embassy. Embassy representatives, guests from Serbia and the tour organizers exchanged their impressions about numerous concerts and workshops on Serbian dance techniques held across this country.

Ambassador Mrkic greeted the guests and thanked them for successfully promoting the name and culture of Serbia on such a wide scale in Japanese public and media. The coming of "Kolo", after more than 20 years, re-introduced the vibrant and attractive image of Serbian people and their customs to the people in Japan.

Director of "Kolo" Mr. Kuzmanovic and Director of "Folklore Report" Mr. Matsunaga also expressed their warm gratitude for this gathering and the support of our Embassy. The orchestra of "Kolo" spiced the atmosphere with their performance of some Serbian national music, later joined with the rest of the "Kolo" Ensemble, who shared their powerful voices with us.

Ambassador Mrkic, Director of "Kolo"
Mr. Kuzmanovic and Director of
"Folklore Report" Mr. Matsunaga
address the gathering
The orchestra of "Kolo" performing
Serbian music


Members of "Kolo" sing Serbian
national songs
"Family photo"