Serbian Embassy Tokyo

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Former Ambassador of Japan to Serbia, Tadashi Nagai, visits the Embassy, July 22

On the occasion of being proclaimed an honorary citizen of Belgrade on June 7, former Japanese Ambassador to Serbia Mr. Nagai, accompanied by Mr. Osamu Hirashita from "Japan Planning Systems Co." and Japan-Serbia Association Member, met with Ambassador Mrkic and his associate Ms. Kovac at our Embassy in Tokyo.

We warm-heartedly congratulated Ambassador Nagai on this distinguished acknowledgment, which was given, by now, only to few high ranking foreign representatives, mostly heads of states.

Ambassador Nagai expressed his deepest gratitude for this rare privilege, making him the first Japanese to receive such honor from the Serbian capital. He announced the plans to attend the Awarding Ceremony in Belgrade on August 20, when the Mayor of Belgrade himself, Mr. Dragan Djilas, in the presence of numerous guests and media, will present him with the Charter of an Honorable Citizen of Belgrade.