Serbian Embassy Tokyo

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Members of Japanese and Serbian academies gather at the Embassy, September 27

Ambassador Mrkic, with his associates, hosted the dinner in the honor of the Japanese members of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia at our Embassy. Our distinguished guests, the leaders in their field of expertise, awarded and admired for their work in Japan and abroad, were members of the Japanese Academy of Sciences Prof. Tamio Yamakawa, Prof. Juinichi Nishizawa and Prof. Kunihiko Suzuki, as well as Prof. Masayuki Iwata from Chiba University and Prof. Yoshihiko Nakamura from Tokyo University.

We had a great pleasure to exchange some thoughts and ideas regarding the bilateral cooperation in the field of science and technology with our prominent Japanese counterparts, who expressed their warm support and interest in further enchancement of relations between Serbia and Japan.

Prof. Nakamura, Prof. Nishizawa, Prof. Yamakawa, Prof. Suzuki and Prof.Iwata with their hosts, Ambassador Mrkic and his associates Mrs. Jankovic and Ms. Kovac