Serbian Embassy Tokyo

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The visit of delegation of Sabac-Fujimi Friendship Club to Japan, October 19-25

Following the last visit of representatives from Fujimi city to its Serbian sister city of Sabac in 2006, Friendship Club President Mr. Vule Čekić and his associates were invited to visit Japan and participate in the celebration of 28 years-long intercity friendship and Fujimi's annual festival.

Serbian guests were also welcomed at our Embassy, which together with Japan-Serbia Association, organized a reception on this occasion. In a friendly atmosphere that gathered numerous Japanese and Serbian friends, the guests were greeted by Ambassador Mrkic, Mr. Čekić, Japan-Serbia Association Vice President Prof. Nobuhiro Shiba and Fujimi International Friendship Association President Mr. Toshio Maki.

Delegation from Šabac also met the mayor and other officials of Fujimi city and was introduced to various city institutions and Japanese historical and cultural heritage.

President of Fujimi International Friendship Association Mr. Toshio Maki makes a toast, on his right Mr. Vule Cekic, Head of Sabac-Fujimi Friendship Club, Ambassador Mrkic and Ms. Tijana Nagato, Secretary The guests and Embassy representatives at the reception