Serbian Embassy Tokyo

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Visit of representatives of Serbian Institute of Contemporary History and Meiji University to our Embassy, January 13

On the occasion of the opening of International Symposium on Balkan wars and First World war at the Meiji University in Tokyo, Serbian participants - Director of Institute of Contemporary History Dr Momcilo Pavlovic and Prof. Predrag J. Markovic – paid a visit to our Embassy accompanied by Prof. Tetsuya Sahara of Meiji University and his associate Mr. Yoshinori Hanonoi.

Professors informed us about their recent joint activities and future plans for strenghtening scientific relations between Meiji University and institutes and universities in Serbia, like the one with the University of Belgrade.

Ms. Aleksandra Kovac, Charge d'Affaires a.i., greeted their efforts in enchancing the expert ties of Serbia and Meiji University and informed the guests about the current situation in the area of academic and student cooperation between our two countries.