Serbian Embassy Tokyo

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Members of the Government

The Serbian government was formed on 27 July 2012 with the appointment of Ivica Dacic as Prime Minister.
Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior

Ivica Dačić


Secretary General

Veljko Odalović



Country name: Republic of Serbia, though sometimes referred as Serbia

Government type: Republic

Capital: Beograd (Serbian version), Belgrade (English version)



Head of State:


Tomislav Nikolić

President of the Republic of Serbia


Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers

Aleksandar Vucic First Deputy Prime Minister responsible for defence, security and the fight against corruption and crime and Minister of Defence
Rasim Ljajic Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications
Jovan Krkobabic Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Policy
Suzana Grubjesic Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration
Mladjan Dinkic Minister of Finance and Economy
Ivan Mrkic Minister of Foreign Affairs
Verica Kalanovic Minister of Regional Development and Local Self-Government
Milutin Mrkonjic Minister of Transport
Velimir Ilic Minister of Construction and Urbanism
Nikola Selakovic Minister of Justice and Public Administration
Goran Knezevic Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
Zarko Obradovic Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development
Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic

Minister of Health
Zorana Mihajlovic Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection
Bratislav Petkovic Minister of Culture and Information
Milan Bacevic Minister of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning
Alisa Maric Minister of Youth and Sport
Sulejman Ugljanin Minister without Portfolio




National Assembly

The national legislature of Serbia is a unicameral assembly of 250 deputies chosen in direct general elections for a period of four years.

The deputies in the National Assembly elect the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which, together with the President of the Republic, represents the country's executive authority. The judiciary is independent.