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Consular Services

Visas regime

List of Border Crossings


Custom formalities

Visa Requirements

Submission Procedure

Visa Fee

Payment Procedure



Visa Reqirements


Important Notice

We would like to inform all potential visa applicants about the changes regarding the application procedure for all types of visa.

After June 1, 2010, once the applicant submits its visa request, it will be necessary to obtain an approval of the relevant authorities of the Republic of Serbia as a precondition for visa issuance. Thus, we advise all potential travelers to Serbia to plan their visit and submit the visa application well in advance.

If you are not sure whether you need a visa to enter Republic of Serbia, please first visit the link Visas regime to check the current visa regime situation between Serbia and your country.

Requirements vary depending on the type of visa the applicant is applying for. Basic requirements for visit are:

1. Valid passport (vallidity must be at least 90 days from the day of the visa issuance)
2. Original document on status in Japan (alien registration card, international student card, re-entry visa etc)
3. Two photos 3.5 X 4.5 cm
4. Filled visa application form in 2 copies, signed in person (click here to download English version or Japanese version)
5. Invitation/guarantee letter by individual, company or organization residing in Serbia and verified by verified by the competent Serbian authority (city hall or municipal court).
For private visit: Letter of invitation by hosting party (click here to download)
For business visit: Invitation by the company from Serbia (click here to download)
For touristic visit: Receipt or authorized tourist company certifying that the travel arrangement has been paid for (letter of credit or other payment receipt)
6. Copy of return ticket (air, train etc.) or confirmation slip (in case of having booked already). In case of travelling by car, photocopies of International driving license and Car insurance certificate are required
7. Travel itineraire
8. Accomodation confirmation (if applicable)
9. Proof of sufficient funds in hard currency for the stay in the Republic of Serbia (bank account certificate etc.), minimum 50 EUR per day
10. Certificate of health, in case when it is required

For Type D visa (long or temporary stay) reqirements, please click here.

The Embassy reserves the right to ask for the additional documents.

Note: Transit visa applicants are required to obtain visa for the country they will visit after the transit through the Republic of Serbia.


Submission Procedure

To submit the documents in person, applicant is required first to make an appointment.

Those one living far from Tokyo can send the original documents by post enclosing either money for freight sevice DHL in Japan or self addressed envelope (with enough stamps) or arranging with DHL, Kuroneko etc. to return it back to them. In any case, the applicants are required to bare the postal costs.

If needed, the interview with the applicant can be conducted in the Embassy’s premises.


Visa fee

Visa fee varies on the type of visa. Visa Fee is non-refundable. If visa application is approved, an aditional cost of 323 JPY must be paid at the moment of passport hand over.


Type of Visa

Fee Amount*

Airport transit - single entry (type A1)

9.704 JPY + 485 JPY (administrative costs) = 10.189 JPY

Airport transit - multiple entries (type A2)

9.704 JPY + 485 JPY (administrative costs) = 10.189 JPY

Transit - single entry (type B1)

9.704 JPY + 485 JPY (administrative costs) = 10.189 JPY

Transit - two entries (type B2)

9.704 JPY + 485 JPY (administrative costs) = 10.189 JPY

Transit - multiple entries (type B3)

9.704 JPY + 485 JPY (administrative costs) = 10.189 JPY

Short stay (up to 30 days) - single entry (type C1)

9.704 JPY + 485 JPY (administrative costs) = 10.189 JPY

Short stay (up to 90 days) - single entry (type C2)

9.704 JPY + 485 JPY (administrative costs) = 10.189 JPY

Short stay (up to 1 year) - multiple entries (type C3)

9.704 JPY + 485 JPY (administrative costs) = 10.189 JPY

Short stay (up to 5 years) - multiple entries (type C4)

9.704 JPY + 485 JPY (administrative costs) = 10.189 JPY

Long or Temporary stay - (visas type D1 and D2)

4.852 JPY + 485 JPY (administrative costs) = 5.337 JPY

* Please note that Visa Fee is non-refundable. If visa application is approved, an aditional cost of 323 JPY must be paid at the moment of passport hand over.


Payment Procedure

Visa and administrative fee (¥9.704 + ¥485) must be paid on the same day as the submittance of the visa application.

Only cash payments are accepted.

For further inquires, please contact Consular Affairs Office on 03-3447-3571 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



New entry procedures to Japan to be introduces on November 20, 2007

From 20 November 2007 (tentative) all non-Japanese citizens will need to provide their fingerprints and have a photograph taken on entry to Japan. These changes have been brought about in order to prevent the entry of internationally known criminals, terrorists and persons who have previously been deported from Japan.

Persons who are exempted from providing this information include:

1. Special permanent residents (citizens of Korean and Chinese origins)
2. Persons under 16 years of age
3. Persons with the status of residence of 'Diplomat' or 'Official'
4. Persons invited by the head of any national administrative organisation
5. Persons prescribed by the Ministry of Justice as equivalent to either (3) or (4).

APEC travel card holders
APEC travel card holders will be subject to the new entry procedures, however, they will still be afforded priority through a dedicated lane at the primary line.

The biometric data that is collected will be securely stored and protected through encryption, access restrictions and other measures, which were not expanded on.

Refusal to provide fingerprints or photo
If a person refuses to provide their biometric data, they will be refused entry and will be deported on the next available flight.

Visa regime for holders of Taiwanese passports

Visa regime for holders of Taiwanese passports


Holders od Taiwanese passports do not need visa to enter Republic of Serbia.

However, before travel, Taiwanese citizen must acquire special document issued in embassies of the Republic of Serbia. It is a document that certifies that border autorithies of the Republic of Serbia will allow entrance to a holder of Taiwanese passport at the border crossing/airport.

In order to apply for this document, holder of a Taiwanese passport should submit following documents:

- application form for visa/above mentioned certificate (can be downloaded from the Visa section of the web site)

- two photos (size 3,5x4.5cm)

- round-trip plane ticket

- reservation for the hotel or invitation letter from a person providing accomodation in Serbia

Documents can be submitted, both personaly or trough post, to Consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tokyo (for holders of Taiwanese passports currently residing in Japan).

If the application is complete, the travel document will be issued on the same day.

For more information, please contact Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Japan.




・          有効なパスポート(コピー可)

・          顔写真1枚(3.5×4.5センチ)

・          往復航空券(コピー可)

・          手数料(5,702円)