Serbian Embassy Tokyo

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Main Events

Annual Assembly and Merging of two Friendship Associations

On February 24, Japan - Serbia Exchange Association held its fifth Annual assembly and reception in our Embassy.

It was announced that the Association has reached an agreement of merging with the oldest Japan - Serbia Friendship Association. Following that decision, the leadership agreed to take the official name "Japan - Serbia Association" for the friendship society and to enlarge the Board of Directors with new members.

After the plenary meeting for the members, President of the Association, H.E. Dr. Takehiro Togo, President of the Board Mr. Kenzo Yoneda and ambassador of Serbia to Japan, H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic, greeted the guests. The new Board Members, Mr. Owada, former Ambassador of Japan to Serbia, Prof. Iwata from Tokyo International University, Prof. Abe from Meiji University and Mr. Osamu, President of JPS Company, were introduced to the guests.

After the toast by Board Director and Honorary Consul General of Serbia, Mr. Ueyama, guests had the opportunity to enjoy some Serbian traditional food and spirits.

Leadership of Japan - Serbia Association (from left): President Mr. Togo, Mr. Owada, Prof. Iwata and Prof. Abe
Ambassador Mrkic and Mr. Hirashita, new Board Director and Project Leader of Installation of Nikola Tesla's Bust in TEPCO Museum in Yokohama
Members of the Association during the gathering
Honorary Consul General of Serbia, Mr. Ueyama, giving the toast
Guest during the food reception


National Day of the Republic of Serbia celebrated at the Embassy, February 16, 2009

On February 16, the Embassy organized its annual reception on the occasion of Serbian National Day known as "Sretenje" which is formally commemorated as public holiday on February 15.

This year we had more than four hundred distinguished guests joining us in the celebration. Representatives from Japanese political, business, academic, cultural circles and media, foreign diplomatic missions and Serbian expatriate community enjoyed in our traditional cuisine and music, performed by Japanese guitarist Mr. Shimodate.

Upper House Vice President Akiko Santo greets with Embassy's representatives
H.E. Mr. & Mrs. Mrkić with Mr. K. Yoneda, Chairman of Board of Directors of Japan-Serbia Exchange Association, and his colleague
Japan-Serbia Exchange Association (from right) - President Mr. T. Togo, Member of Board of Directors Ms. A. Igaya and Association Member Mr. Y. Wada
Ambassador and his wife with Mr. Yohei Sasakawa, the President of The Nippon Foundation, and Tatsuya Tanami, Executive Director and Special Assistant to the Chairman
Ambassador with H.E. Mr. Koichi Haraguchi, Grand Master of Ceremonies, and H.E. Archbishop Alberto Bottari de Castello
Ambassador and his wife with H.E. Mr. Ashraf-ud-Doula from People's Republic of Bangladesh
Mrs. Fumiko Tottori, mother of Princess Takamado
Introducing Mr. Shimodate, who played some Serbian national songs
Waiting for guests - Ms.Tijana Zdravković, Mr. Marko Mrkić and Ms. Aleksandra Kovač
Serbian traditional cuisine was a popular demand
We introduced some of Serbian specialties at the Reception


Visit by Kuki Junior High School students, February 10

Group of students of "Kuki Junior High School" from Saitama Prefecture visited the Embassy, as a part of their Studies for International Understanding. In lively conversation on various topics with Ms. Kovač, in charge of cultural affairs, students had the opportunity to hear more about Serbian education system, traditions, sports and cuisine.

Ambassador visits Teikyo University, February 6

Ambassador Mrkić met with Mr. Y. Okinaga, the President of Teikyo University, in Tokyo to discuss the possibilities of strengthening academic cooperation through joint projects and exchange programs with private universities in Serbia.

Teikyo University was established in 1930's in Tokyo and has branch offices in USA, Great Britain and Asian countries. Japanese university with such a good reputation and wide international academic network as this one, is seen as a valuable experience and an important partner to a still young private university sector in Serbia.

Taking into the account that Mr. Kenzo Yoneda, Chairman of the Governing Board of Japan - Serbia Friendship Association, is also a Professor of International Relations at Teikyo University, the cooperation between our universities would definitely contribute more to the friendship between Serbia and Japan.

Theatrical performance of Serbian play in Tokyo

“Black Tent Theater”, an avant-guarde performance group from Japan, is planning to introduce a work of famed Serbian author, Ljubomir Simović, to audience in their Tokyo-based theater in October (from 8th till 18th). The play, known as "The Travelling Troupe Šopalović", is a successful and long running and has been performed numerous times in Serbia and around the world, ever since it was written in 1985.

We had a pleasure to hear more about this project and theatrical ties in general between our two countries during the visit of Black Tent representative, Mr. Hiroyuki Muneshige, to the Embassy. Mr. Muneshige has recently come back from Serbia, where he spent several months researching about contemporary performance art, which would help to a better understanding of Serbian culture in Japan.

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